• Analysis of Soil, Water, Air, Sludge and Solids
Tuesday, March 26, 2019
  • Jonathon Carlson Recovery Fund
  • A Phoenix family member suffered a sudden heart attack, an aortic tear. Multiple strokes during the hours of surgery has left him without feeling below his chest. Jon now begins the long journey home. Any help is greatly appreciated. Our hearts and prayers are with you, Godspeed, Jon.
  • Jon's Fundraiser
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Working with our consulting and municipal partners for a cleaner and safer environment

     Phoenix Environmental Laboratories offers high quality testing of soils, water, sludge, and solids meeting EPA, state DEP and DOH requirements. Serving a diverse client base from small business to large engineering firms, state and federal agencies, Phoenix provides a standard (5-day) turnaround at competitive prices as well as priority, same-day and emergency response.